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About Us
Sandoval Energy Consulting is committed to helping business facilities become as energy-efficient as possible. We pride ourselves in making your experience with us as easy and successful as possible by specializing in four main areas:
  • Identifying efficiency potential.  Recognizing clients’ energy-saving potential is crucial to achieving the best possible Return of Investment.
  • Project management and concept design. We are involved in every aspect of the project through to completion, including obtaining local and government funds.
  • Developing ongoing strategic relationships with utility companies, contractors, and vendors. This ensures that every project has maximum funding, competitive prices, and the latest in energy-saving technologies. These include, but are not limited to: lighting, solar, wind, hvac, refrigeration, cogeneration, and water conservation.
  • Identifying government incentives (rebates, direct funding) to subsidize energy projects.

SEC is confident that our experience will align perfectly with what you desire in energy consulting. SEC can negotiate the best prices, obtain maximum incentives from outside sources, and effectively oversee projects through installation. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our experience and are eager to input ideas for decreasing the carbon footprint and substantially lowering the utility bills at your facility.

Becoming more energy-efficient, often called "greening", is more than just installing alternative energy technologies such as  photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Greening your facility doesn't have to involve a sweeping overhaul of its energy capture. There are simpler but no less effective methods that involve energy conservation. Examples of this include replacing inefficient light bulbs with LEDs, changing outdated refrigeration motors, installing anti-sweat heater controls in refrigerators, and installing cogeneration or trigeneration systems. Usually, the first actions we will suggest for most facilities is to replace existing inefficient systems with up-to-date models. This is enough to substantially lower utility costs. Installing alternative energy generators is the next step and we will help you find the right one for your facility, always keeping within budget striving for an optimum return on investment.

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